In short…yes!

The World Health Organization reports that depression effects 300 million people per year. What an incredible number right? For anyone who suffers with or has seen their loved ones with depression knows how devastating the effects can be. In its mildest forms depression can disrupt ones ability to deal with work and life on a daily basis. In the most extreme cases it can lead to severe disability and even suicide.  Suicide statistics in the UK are on the rise – suicide rates went up by 11.8% in the UK but more alarming up by 24% for under 25’s and and up 52% for 15-25 year old males. With these frightening statistics, more people are looking at CBD oil. 

Early CBD research has shown great promise in aiding those with depression. Behind depression, another 264 million people suffer with anxiety. Not only does depression harm your mental state, it can result in the loss of time, productivity, and general life dysfunction. It can also exacerbate the problems of other chronic conditions like arthritis, asthma, cancer, diabetes, and many other health conditions.